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Coach Correnti
Varsity Coach

“I have to say, I love your website and find it tremendously useful and easy to find things. I have shared this website with other coaches.

Coach Rodesiler
Varsity Coach

“Thank you so much! It is just nice to talk to someone who knows what I’m going through. We have to continue to improve to compete. Thanks again!”

Coach Detweiler
Middle School Coach

“You have some great stuff in the Coaches Library. I am going to use some of the drills tonight at our workout.

Coach Frobig
Varsity Coach

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the Coaching Lab. Your Youth Library is something I had searched long and hard for and was so excited to finally find it.” 


Who is Coach Matt Dennis?

Coach Matt Dennis is the boys varsity basketball coach at Otsego High School. Over the last 10 years, Coach has led his teams to 7 conference titles and helped numerous players experience their dream of playing college basketball. In 2018, Coach began sharing his knowledge on leadership, player development, and strategy through courses and workshops such as Building Better Shooters, Starting and Running Successful Basketball Camps, and Implementing A Force Baseline Pressure Defense. 

Alongside his courses, he offers coaching resources through the Coaching Lab Membership, holds virtual coaching workshops, and speaks at various coaching clinics each year.

Featured Podcast Guest and Clinic Speaker:

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