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Episode 011: Better Free Throw Shooting

Episode 011: Better Free Throw Shooting Today we will look at over 20 different ideas to use to help improve your team's free-throw shooting. While you won't use every idea, I know you'll have more

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The Shell Drill – Basketballs #1 Defense Drill

Why Coaches Love The Shell Drill Ask any coach the one drill they can't go without in practice and they all will say the shell drill. The reason for this is because of the versatility of the shell drill.

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3 Qualities Of A Great Coaching Candidate

I was once told if you want to get into coaching all you need to do is wait a little while for the right job because coaching is a revolving door. In many ways this advice is correct. There are always

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From Assistant Basketball Coach To Head Coach – 3 Things To Know

Coaching is one of the great passions I have in life. The combination of building something special, competing alongside like minded people, and sacrificing the ‘me’ for the ‘we’ are things that

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Episode 004: Summer Skills Challenge – Score Sheet, Social Media, and Unknowns

Episode 004: Summer Skills Challenge: Score Sheet, Social Media And UnknownsIn today's episode I'll be sharing:1. How we keep score of the Skill, Physical, Mental, and Bonus Challenges.2. My learning

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Episode 003: Phase 2 – The Summer Skills Challenge

Episode 003: Phase 2 - The Summer Skills ChallengeI'll share the following items with you during this episode:1. Creating a kick-off for excitement and focus in your players.2. Four tools I used to

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Episode 002: Developing A Plan For Summer 2020

Episode 002: developing a plan for summer 2020In this episode, I'll break down two ideas: 1. Having A Meeting Before The Meeting2. Our Summer Skills ChallengeI'm laying it all out there, from start

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Episode 001: Introducing Coach Matt Dennis and The Coaching Lab Podcast

Episode 001: Introducing Coach matt dennis and the coaching lab podcastCoach tells you a little about his coaching journey and where the Coaching Lab Podcast is headed in the future.

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10 Half-Truths Every Basketball Coach Should Know About

As a basketball coach, there are half-truths that others believe about coaches and in some cases, a coach starts to believe about themself. Since these half-truths can be viewed as "the truth" it is important

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Effectively Communicating With Referees

Most coaches won't read this post because they know too much already. These coaches are the ones who also let plays and games slip away. I'll let you be the judge of how important effectively communicating

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What To Do When Your Team Is Playing Poorly

Have you ever had a time when your team was playing poorly in a specific area and you just weren't sure how to turn things around? I've been there and I think just about every coach has been at

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Coaches Guide To Basketball Tryouts

For many coaches, the first couple of days of practice is about selecting the team through basketball tryouts. This can be a stressful time for both the players and the coaches.Whether you're a veteran

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