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Episode 011: Better Free Throw Shooting

Episode 011: Better Free Throw Shooting Today we will look at over 20 different ideas to use to help improve your team's free-throw shooting. While you won't use every idea, I know you'll have more

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Episode 004: Summer Skills Challenge – Score Sheet, Social Media, and Unknowns

Episode 004: Summer Skills Challenge: Score Sheet, Social Media And UnknownsIn today's episode I'll be sharing:1. How we keep score of the Skill, Physical, Mental, and Bonus Challenges.2. My learning

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Episode 003: Phase 2 – The Summer Skills Challenge

Episode 003: Phase 2 - The Summer Skills ChallengeI'll share the following items with you during this episode:1. Creating a kick-off for excitement and focus in your players.2. Four tools I used to

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Episode 002: Developing A Plan For Summer 2020

Episode 002: developing a plan for summer 2020In this episode, I'll break down two ideas: 1. Having A Meeting Before The Meeting2. Our Summer Skills ChallengeI'm laying it all out there, from start

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Episode 001: Introducing Coach Matt Dennis and The Coaching Lab Podcast

Episode 001: Introducing Coach matt dennis and the coaching lab podcastCoach tells you a little about his coaching journey and where the Coaching Lab Podcast is headed in the future.

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