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I've Stopped Searching For Things Online

I've taken over two programs and both times I searched for plays, defenses, stat sheets, roster templates, parent meeting slides, and the list could go on and on. 

Taking over a new program, planning for a new season or just organizing your summer camps can be stressful and take lots of time. The questions start to pop up about what should I do if..., how do I..., or what offense should I..., and the questions don't stop there.

You want to get everything right for your players, school, and for you. But what happens when things don't go as planned and you have questions? Do you just guess and hope you're right?

I know the feeling. I once moved over from the assistants chair to the head coach's seat. There are so many questions you forgot to ask or decisions you didn't have to make. Don't think they won't happen to you. Every new season and new set of players has their challenges.

The difference between coaches who find success year in and year out and those that seem to struggle is either decades of experience or knowing where to go for answers. 

You don't want to wait 20 years to figure out the answers, you want success now. Don't leave your success up to chance though. Make sure you're ready for what's coming your way - the parent's questions, the opponents schemes, the administrations view. As you can see it's not all X's and O's.

I wasn't willing to wait and I certainly wasn't going to leave my coaching success up to chance. 

I devoured everything I could about coaching: books, articles, blogs, plays, videos, conversations. You know that saying about 10,000 hours of practice? I feel like I put my 10,000 hours in plus a few thousand more in hopes of having the answers I needed my first year as a head coach. 

Sure you could put in your 10,000+ hours learning like I did but you don't have to. You can save yourself a lot of time (like 97%) and get everything you need in one place, and you have access to me for questions and guidance if you need it. 

Welcome To The Coaching Lab

Once inside you'll have access to the Coaching Library along with video courses, a coaches community and more. There are thousands of resources: videos, pdfs, editable forms, powerpoints, all for you to watch and/or download and use. If you don't find what you need you have access to Ask Coach and the Community forum where you can ask questions, offer feedback and grow as a coach. 

- What if you're having issues with parents?

There's a section for that. 

- What if you need a new offense?

Check out videos, download plays, find quick hitters right away. 

- What if you want to run a summer camp?

Yup, there are templates and camp schedules as well.

- How about team building activities?

Sure, that's in their too.

- What about that random question you never could have anticipated?

That's what I'm here for.


Use Coupon Code: SUMMERSALE25

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As a member of the Coaching Lab you'll gain access to view and download thousands of resources out of the Coaches Library, Youth Coaches Library, Coaches Corner, Various Coaching Courses, the Coaching Community, FAQ's, and all the Virtual Coaches Clinics and Member Q and A's offered.

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Access hundreds of videos and thousands of downloadable resources indie the Coaching Lab.

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Attend every Virtual Coaches Clinic and Members Q and A. If you can't attend you'll get access to every replay.

Coaching Community

Communicate with other coaches who are facing similar challenges.

youth Coaches library & ass't coaches

Resources for the newbie youth coach, aspiring assistant coach, and seasoned varsity coach.

Here’s what coaches are saying about the Coaching Lab

Coach Tripp

Veteran Varsity Coach

I can't thank you enough!

We have these in our playbook ready to run against a scout tonight in practice. I am really excited!

You're a true steward of the game, I appreciate all you do for me and other coaches.

Coach Domach

Youth/Lower Level Coach

This Is Awesome!

Coach, This is awesome. Thank you so much.

Coach Jordan

1st Yr. Varsity Coach

A true life saver!

Your resource library has been a life saver for me for sure. I'm entering my first year as a varsity girl's coach after being an assistant and lower level coach. Sliding over one seat comes with a lot or responsibilities and tasks. I appreciate your collection of resources.


Coach Matt Dennis

Coach Matt Dennis has successfully taken over two programs. His first program was at the college level where he led the Kalamazoo Valley CC Cougars to back to back top ten national rankings. His second program was Otsego High School where he currently coaches. The Bulldogs at OHS were 3-18 before his arrival and since then they have won three conference championships, received top ten rankings and had numerous players win awards in his first four years at the helm. 

He has also worked along side his lower level coaches and the girl's program coaches to bring a new vision to the youth basketball program and the youth summer basketball camps in order to keep the Bulldogs on top. 

As an ambassador of the game and the founder of he has helped numerous coaches at all levels navigate coaching their team, leading their program, and creating a culture of success from top to bottom. 

Coach Matt Dennis
Coach Matt Dennis

Every Coach has questions,

now there's a place to get answers.

How much would it be worth for you to win that rival game or lead your team to its first conference championship? What would it be like to reload year after year because you built a solid program from the youth level all the way to the varsity?

Most coaches just dream about having that one good team. I want you to visualize and imagine being at the top and having every one chase you season after season. Wouldn't that be awesome!

Coaches know they will put in long hours when they apply for the job, but they don't always know how to handle assistant coaches, parents, administration. They're not always sure when or how to step up and lead their team and program to new heights. 

Coaches now have a place to ask questions, bounce around ideas, learn strategies, philosophies, and download new plays. The Coaching Lab is meant to help coaches find more success in less time and that's exactly what it can do for you.

Come inside and join numerous other coaches who have already started their journey.

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Save Over 50% vs. Monthly Plan

Coupon Code: SUMMERSALE25

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From One Busy Coach To Another

Thanks for taking the time to look at the Coaching Lab. You'll find all of the resources I use in my program and a lot more. Every coach has their own style and runs a different system. This is one of the beautiful things about coaching basketball, there are no two coaches and teams that are the same. This means you'll find it all inside, not just what I do. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

- Coach Matt Dennis

Coach Matt - copyright 2020