are you ready to take your Coaching & program to the next level?

The Championship Program Builders Group is for basketball coaches who are looking to elevate their coaching and their entire program so that they can enjoy coaching for a long, long time while winning more games.

Here is how You Get Better

Group Coaching Calls

Each month we will have group coaching calls. During these calls we will go work through the 4 phases and 7 key areas of building a program along with looking at coaches specific needs. This approach allows you to fast track your success and quickly eliminate your learning curve.

1-on-1 "Tip Off" Call

As soon as you join, we will schedule a time to chat about your goals and to create a game plan for success for you and your program.

Monthly Coaching Challenges

Each month coaches will be given the opportunity to compete in a Challenge to move them and their program forward. Topics could be things such as out-of-bounds plays, team building, leadership strategies, captains meetings or a whole host of other topics.

Coaching Lab


Included in the CPB Group is all- access to the Coaching Lab - including the Coaching Library, Drill Vault, Coaching Courses, Clinic Replays, and more.

Access to our CPB Community

Sometimes you need a place to ask a quick question or to vent some frustration. As a part of the CPB Community you will be able to reach out to me, other coaches, or the entire group to help you move forward.

Discounted Private Program Coaching

A program is more than one coach, it's at the least you and your assistant coaches, but most of the time it is multiple coaches from all levels of a program. A Private Program Coaching Session allows you to get everyone on a call and design a Championship Program together.

about Coach Matt Dennis

Use my program building experience

to help you build your championship program.

I've spent the last 20 years learning and implementing strategies on how to build a championship program that players and coaches thrive in. I've also worked with coaches from all over the country assisting them as they grow and build their programs. Most coaches don't have the luxury of recruiting players, they have to "grow their own". This is where I'm at, if I don't grow my players in my school system I won't have very good teams. My focus and attention is making sure my program is building players year after year, so we can be successful year after year. This isn't all that goes into a championship program though - there is communication with administration and parents, camps, youth leagues, coaches clinics, team building, and so much more. It's a lot of fun growing a 

championship program but it isn't easy. There is a lot of time, energy, and teamwork that goes into it. But at my core, I believe any coach at any school can build a championship program with the right plan to follow. It's also my belief that you can do this without missing your kids growing up or forgetting what your spouse looks like. As I said, building a championship program takes time but when your time is spent on the actions that will produce the best results things can move much quicker and with more success. My first piece of advice for any coach is make sure you're getting the right people on board. Find assistant coaches who you can trust and want the program to thrive. Find community members, parents, and teachers who will be your allies. There's a lot of work to do and you can't do it on your own. Good luck, Coach!

How It Works

Building A Championship Program

Join! If the doors are currently closed be sure to sign-up for the waitlist.

Attend coaching calls to learn areas to focus on as you build your program and lead your team during each phase of the year. (There are 4 phases.)

Take ownership of your program by following through with the monthly challenges, planning time, implementation strategies, and by connecting with coaches in the group.


Check out what coaches are saying

Your feedback and guidance helped a ton and our camp went great. I had our players telling me how much fun it was. You da man!

Coach Boling

A.D./VarsIty Coach

Thanks for the six point run rule of thumb. I'll be using that going forward. I have been coaching for a while now and it is so cool to see that there's still a ton I need to learn. Getting your perspective and seeing how you address things is really helpful.

Coach Dagamac

M.S. Coach

I really enjoyed the coaching session. It's clear that Coach Dennis carries a lot of experience and wisdom and loves the game. Thank you for taking the time to make your program an open book to help other coaches like myself grow and our programs develop.

Coach Thompson

Ass'T A.D./H.S. Coach

Where do I begin? I learned a tremendous amount and have enormous respect for how you run a program. I appreciate your commitment to teaching the game of basketball.

Coach Jewett

Varsity Coach

Thank you for the meeting last night. You gave me some good ideas and helped me think through some of the challenges that we are facing as a team and a program. It was nice to hear different ideas and perspectives. Thanks again!

Coach Rodesiler

Varsity Coach

Thanks for the advice and examples. I have enjoyed the membership and taken some really good things out of it to use in my next position.

Coach Pitts

Former Varsity Coach

Championship Program Blueprint


Discover how Championship Programs are built

The 7 Key Areas of Championship Program Blueprint is designed to provide clarity and focus for coaches so they can achieve the greatest success possible. This happens when coaches have a plan for their team and the entire program. Coaches should enjoy being on the sidelines and plan to be their for a long, long time. Building a Championship Program is the way to do this.

By using the 7 Key Areas - Systems and Strategies, Culture and Leadership, Program Building, Player Development, Coaches Tools, Program Tools, and Elite Coaching - everyone in the program - players, teams, and coaches - expect to compete at a high level and win season after season. This can happen with one special class (which is what most coaches wait for) or it can happen season after season by designing and building a championship program.

product bonuses

You'll Also Receive

Bonus #1

Building Better

Shooters Course

A step-by-step approach to teaching shooting in your program. You'll have what you need to teach your youth, middle school, and high school players how to become better shooters. It's exactly what I use in my program.


Building A Force Baseline Pressure Defense Course

Get an up close look at the exact defense I've used to win multiple conference championships and win over 80% of my games as a head coach. I break it all down for you so you can use it right away.


Starting and Running A Basketball Camp From A-Z Course

A staple of every good basketball program is their basketball camp. You'll get daily schedules, games, competitions, and everything I've used to grow my camps and my entire basketball program.