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Episode 003: Phase 2 - The Summer Skills Challenge

Coaching Lab Podcast

I'll share the following items with you during this episode:

1. Creating a kick-off for excitement and focus in your players.

2. Four tools I used to bring it all together.

3. Building leaders and players who want to be a part of the program




Instagram.com (An app for your phone. You can view Instagram on a computer, but it is built for mobile devices so you can't post unless you're on a phone or tablet.)

WhatsApp.com (An app for your phone, but can be downloaded on a computer, to create groups and connect with your players.)

Summer Skills Challenge Warm-Up (pdf)

About the Author Matt Dennis

Coach Matt Dennis is the current boys basketball coach at Otsego H.S. in Otsego, MI. His goal is to create a winning basketball program from top to bottom. He enjoys working with coaches and helping them find more success in less time just as he's done in his coaching career. You can learn more about Coach and his journey by clicking here .