"Dealing With" Parents Mini-Course

by Matt Dennis

August 1, 2022

About "Dealing With" Parents Mini-Course

In this module, I'll walk you through 3 proven strategies to help you communicate better with parents and alleviate many of the headaches that coaches often have throughout the season.

Module Content

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Lesson 1:  Start Here

What's the number one thing coaches don't like when it comes to coaching? You guessed it... dealing with parents. In the next couple of lessons, I will give you three strategies to keep everyone on the same page and to lower the chance of those dreaded parent meetings.

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Lesson 2:  Strategy #1

Strategy #1 is something coaches often pass by or don't put much thought into and it's the pre-season parent meeting. You'll learn why this meeting is so importnat and some key things to add to it in in this lesson.

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Lesson 3:  Strategy #2

Strategy #2 is all about communicating early and often with a weekly update. This could be in the form of a newsletter, email, or private group that has been set up. You'll learn what items to put in the update and why they are so important in this lesson.

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Lesson 4:  Strategy #3

Often times parents get a bad rap when they want to meet. If players would communicate a little bit more a lot of parent meetings don't need to happen and quite frankly, wouldn't happen. Let's look at how we can get our players to communicate better in this lesson.

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