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Coaching takes time and sometimes you don't always know what you'll need until you need it.

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See What Other Coaches Have To Say

I contacted Coach Dennis to give me guidance and help with the middle school basketball program I am currently coaching. Coach Dennis was nothing less than outstanding in helping me out. My impression with Coach Dennis is that he is very humble, a great listener, and gives applicable and thorough advice. Every question I had for him he dove in deeply, addressed my concerns, and gave me ways to approach these problems/situations when they occur during my upcoming season. After speaking with him, I feel more confident in how I will be preparing and approaching the upcoming season. I am extremely happy that I was able to connect with Coach Dennis and with the exceptional guidance he gave me.

Coach Dagamac

Middle School Coach, IL

What a CLASS ACT COACH!!  Coach Dennis went above and beyond... [I had] a conference with him today and I was blown away by his knowledge, generosity and willingness to help. Great Job, Coach and Thank You for what you are doing!!!

Coach Hammons

Varsity Basketball Coach, OK

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