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Coaching Interview Questions

*Found Inside The Vault – Membership Required*

You’ll receive 60 varsity coaching questions and 20 lower-level (middle school, freshman, and junior varsity) coaching questions. Whether you’re being interviewed for your next job or interviewing a coach for your program you’ll have everything you need. (Download link is good for 7 days after purchase.)

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There is nothing more stressful than preparing for an interview. Whether you’re the person being interviewed or the one doing the interviewing you want to be prepared. Inside Coaching Interview Questions, you’ll find general get-to-know-you questions, strategy questions, program building questions, scenario questions, and more. Use the questions to prepare yourself to sit before the hiring committee or choose your favorite questions to ask the next coach you bring onto your staff and into your program. No matter which side of the table you’re sitting on you’ll be prepared for your next interview.

Sample Questions:

3. How do you plan to communicate your plans and expectations to parents?

23. What is your role in the off-season?

34. Describe the organization of your bench area during games.