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Habit Tracker Worksheet & Video


The Habit Tracker worksheet and video will help coaches help their players create new, positive habits that will make small changes into big improvements in players’ skill development and game.


The Habit Tracker Worksheet is to help players create new, positive habits that will make them better. Too often coaches guilt players into getting into the gym. As coaches, we want players to want to get better. A great way to do this is to help them create new habits that will help them become better because it is just what they do.

Along with the Habit Tracker Worksheet, you’ll also receive an eight-minute video showing you exactly how to use the idea of creating habits and using the worksheet with your team.

This may be the best 10 minutes of learning you’ll do all season. Once your players know how to harness the power of habits they’ll be able to change their game in small ways to make a big impact.

(Habit Tracker Video Screenshot)

See exactly what you get... and how I use it.

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