Basketball Stats Pack


No matter what level you coach basketball stats are important, and it’s not just who scored points or grabbed rebounds. Stats that show shots taken and missed, points per possession, and keeping track of fouls are important to help your team grow and get better in a game and over the course of the season.

In the Basketball Stats Pack, you’ll receive 6 stats sheets – 2 Shot Charts, 2 different Stat Sheets, an Offensive / Defensive Efficiency Sheet, and a Practice Shot Leader Sheet

  • One Team Shot Chart (pdf)
  • Two Team Shot Chart (pdf)
  • Simple Stat Sheet (Google Sheet)
  • Advanced Stat Sheet (Google Sheet)
  • Offensive / Defensive Efficiency (Google Sheet)
  • Practice Shooting Tracker (Google Sheet)

The documents that are Google Sheets will need to be downloaded (or you will “make a copy” of them) to edit and change the form any way you’d like.