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Hey coach! I'm Coach Matt Dennis and I am so glad you're checking out my website. 

I'd like to get one thing straight right now, this site is about you and getting you to the top of your game as a basketball coach, but i know you want to see what I'm all about, and I'm cool with that.

Happy reading and I hope to see you inside the Coaching Lab soon!

As a basketball coach you put a lot of time and energy into learning the game and building your team to be their absolute best. 

What if you had a resource to...

  • learn how to successfully organize a program (youth camps, team camps, a basketball program, etc.)?
  • learn new or better offensive, defensive, and team building strategies?
  • speed up the learning curve and begin to learn from other successful coaches? 

This would be a game changer wouldn't it?

No more...

  • scouring the internet looking for plays, drills, and resources for your team.
  • trying to come up with or create new team building strategies.
  • wondering how other coaches systems work.
  • figuring out how to organize camps, leagues, and fundraisers.

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I created the Coaching Lab as a resource for coaches who want more success in less time. This may sounds a little cliche, but I believe most coaches are only one or two steps away from experiencing more success with their team and program. With the right resources you can achieve the success you've been looking for in less time. 

All of the resources I'm offering are many of the same things I've used as a college and high school coach. I'd like to say I've used them all but we all have our own style and system, not to mention there are just too many resources for any one coach and program to use everything.

If you'd like to know a bit more about my journey as a coach keep scrolling.

My Coaching Highlights

  • Current Otsego H.S. Boys Varsity Coach
  • Led Otsego H.S. to a top ten state ranking in 2nd season
  • Former Kalamazoo Valley C.C. Men's Head Coach
  • Led Kalamazoo Valley C.C. to consecutive top ten national rankings
  • 1 Greater Kalamazoo Dream Team Coach Honor
  • 5 Conference / Regional Coach of the Year Honors
  • 6 Conference Championships
  • 1 District Championship

My Coaching Journey

It didn't take me long to realize that being a head coach was a lot different than being an assistant coach. I was fortunate to work under two hall of fame coaches, Keith Haske and Dick Shilts. I learned a lot from both of these coaches, but it wasn't until I was the head coach calling the shots that I really started to know what I didn't know.

My first head coaching job was at Kalamazoo Valley C.C. and I spent a lot of time, and I mean a lot of time, learning offenses, defenses, team building strategies, and running summer camps. I soaked up as much as possible in order to build a championship team, program, and culture.

I turned a team that went 8-22 into a team that was 22-8 in my second year. We were nationally ranked and battling at the top of our league for a championship. The championship didn't come until year three though.

My hardwork and time paid off! Or did it?

The amount of time I put into building a program that could compete at a national level took its toll in other areas of my life, specifically my family life. After my fourth year at the helm of KVCC I stepped down to spend more time with my family.

When I stepped down I surprised a lot of people. I just couldn't continue to promote family, knowing what God has for your life, and putting others first while I was struggling to meet the needs of my team at home. I trusted that God had something else in store for me and I stood before my team to offer my tear filled resignation.

Fast forward a year...

My local high school in Otsego, MI was in need of a varsity boys basketball coach. I talked with my wife and we both felt this would be a much better fit for us and our three kids, so I applied. Everything seemed to fall into place and I was hired. I had my work cut out for me though, Otsego H.S. had gone 3-18 the year before I arrived.

Jump ahead two more years...

The Bulldogs found themselves ranked in the top ten in the Michigan High School AP Polls, an overall record of 19-2 and champions of the Wolverine Conference. More importantly, my family was happy and excited. My prayers of leading a program were answered and I was finding success on the court and at home with my family.

The biggest difference...

While I found success at both schools there was a big difference. I wasn't willing to make the same sacrifices in my second head coaching position. I took the lessons I learned and the resources I collected and used them to spend less time away from my family while still putting my team and family in a position to find success. 

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The same resources are available to you through the blog, the Coaching Library, the Coaches Development Center, and the Championship Program Building Group. These are the same resources I choose from when it comes to running my program and team. (There are actually way more resources than just what I use.) It's still hardwork, but it doesn't consume me and take all of my time since I have an organized resource for plays, offenses, defenses, camp templates and a ton of other things coaches need. 

If you're tired of searching for resources and your looking for someone to help you find success right away you've come to the right place. All you have to do is click below to get started.