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Force Baseline Pressure Defense Course


In this course, I’ll show you how to build a force baseline pressure defense from the ground up. You’ll receive my 30 page pressure defense breakdown ebook as well as 7 Modules and 23 Lessons with teaching videos, course PDFs, essential questions, and drills. All of the concepts, skills, and secrets I’ve used to win multiple conference titles are included in the course.

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As a part of this course, I’m going to show you the exact defense I’ve used to help my teams get ranked nationally at the JUCO level and ranked in the state at the high school level. You’ll get to hear and see the HOW and the WHY behind what makes the force baseline pressure defense so effective.

We will cover…

  • Basics of the Force Baseline Defense (including trapping and rotations)
  • Closeouts (top of the key and on the wings)
  • Communication
  • Drills To Build The Defense
  • Game Actions
  • Rebounding
  • Advanced Strategies


You’ll receive:

  • Video Instruction
  • Building A Force Baseline Pressure Defense ebook
  • Defensive Communication Cheat Sheet
  • Breakdown Drills ebook
  • Plus More