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Elementary Basketball Camp Packet


You’ll receive a 7-minute video of Coach Matt Dennis explaining how he uses the daily schedule, the detailed two-hour elementary camp schedule, and the 65 Youth Basketball Drills ebook. (Download link is good for 7 days after purchase.)

In the Elementary Basketball Camp Packet, you’ll receive a down to the minute two-hour camp schedule that will tell you how long stations should be and what to run at each station. Your players will love this fast-paced camp and will keep them wanting to come back day after day and year after year. You’ll also receive the 65 Youth Basketball Drills ebook. Inside the ebook, you’ll find diagrams and instructions for fun drills that teach shooting, rebounding, defense, dribbling, lay-ups, camp games, and more.

Sample Schedule 👇

2 Hour Camp Schedule
Youth Basketball Drill List

See exactly what you get... and how I use it.

Shot Charts 👇

Editable Simple Stat Sheet 👊

Offense / Defense Efficiency Sheet ✅