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Hi Coach! I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the Coaching Lab. Your youth library is something I had searched long and hard for and was so excited to finally find it. You have so many topics listed that people in the trenches actually need! I appreciate all you do for the next coaching generation. With everything (and anyone) being available online, finding the “good and true stuff” is harder and harder to do. Many thanks!” – Coach Frobig, High School Coach & Youth Basketball Director
“I really appreciate this stuff. It’s going to really help him. Your shooting course is fantastic and will help my program a ton! Thank you” – Coach Chase, Varsity Coach
“Thanks coach! We’ve started to work on this in practice, mostly just tagging up. even just that has made a difference. It’s like you take control on defense right away. also when done correctly it does not allow many deep outlet passes.. I’m going to start to teach your points of emphasis as well. thanks again! your stuff is really helping and we have similar philosophies and coach styles! great to learn from you” – Coach Sensor, Varsity Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of the Coaching Lab is to help coaches move forward on their coaching journey. The Lab is a one-stop shop where coaches can find what they need to develop themselves and their players or find resources to make their team and program better right away. Coaches also receive priority support via email, 1-on-1, and group virtual sessions.

Just as players won’t excel in shooting after a single practice, coaches won’t advance in their skills unless they consistently invest time in improving themselves. Coach Matt Dennis wants to be sure that coaches who join the Coaching Lab are serious about becoming better at their craft.

Coaches of all levels have joined and found success using the Coaching Lab. One of the unique aspects of the Coaching Lab is that Coach Matt Dennis has coached at the youth level up to the college ranks. He is currently involved in all aspects of his program – youth to varsity levels.

Coach has built a successful basketball program from the ground up in the rural town of Otsego, MI. No big-time transfers or private school recruiting going on here. His focus is on building the players in his community to love the game and to play team basketball. This is different than so many of the online experts who can recruit players into their programs or who focus solely on player development training. Coach is in the trenches and knows how to build players, teams, and a program that finds success on and off the court year after year.

Of course. Use your basketball program funds, ask your athletic booster to pay, or ask your A.D. to invest in your coach development. No matter who you ask to pay, Coach will provide you with an invoice and details of what the Coaching Lab entails to make things as easy as possible.

Yes, the Coaching Lab has a youth basketball section that gives coaches drills, offenses, defenses, and more to use with their team. Coach holds a youth coaches clinic each year to help teach and train coaches on the fundamentals of the game and developing young players. Coach is committed to helping coaches at every level develop their players and themselves.