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The Championship Coaches Group is here to help varsity coaches (or aspiring varsity coaches) become more effective leaders and better coaches. Through mentorship, community, the Coaching Lab, and the chance to meet expert coaches, varsity coaches from all over the country learn how to build, create, and lead their team and program at a championship level.

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The Coaching Lab is built for the do-it-yourself coaches at all levels. Download, print, watch, and use thousands of resources organized around 4 main areas:

  1. Basketball Library - video/pdf resources for coaches at every level
  2. Drill Vault - 300+ pdf and video basketball drills
  3. Coaching Courses - in-depth courses on shooting, skill dev., camps, and more
  4. Clinic Replays - learn from h.s. and college coaches on various topics

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Hurry, don't wait! Get access to exclusive resources from inside the Coaching Lab. Each resource is available to Coaching Lab & Championship Coaches Group members 24/7/365. Of course, you can purchase these exclusive coaching resources while they're made available here as well.

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The Monday Morning Playbook is a quick 5 minute read designed to make you a better coach, With quotes, resources, quick tips, and even a story or two you'll love checking your email every Monday morning.

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Who Is Coach Matt Dennis?

Coach Matt Dennis is the boys varsity basketball coach at Otsego High School. Over the last 10 years, Coach has led his teams to 7 conference titles and helped numerous players experience their dream of playing college basketball. In 2018, Coach began sharing his knowledge on leadership, player development, and strategy through courses and workshops such as Building Better Shooters, Starting and Running A Successful Basketball Camp From A-Z, and Implementing A Force Baseline Pressure Defense. 

Alongside his courses, he offers coaching resources through the Coach Lab Membership and his signature coaching mastermind the Championship Coaches Group.


What coaches are saying

Coach Rodesiler

Varsity Basketball Coach

Thank you so much! It is just nice to talk to someone That knows what I'm going through. We have to continue to improve to compete. Thanks again!

Coach Tripp

Varsity Basketball Coach

Love what you've done. This site is great.

Coach Detweiler

M.S. Basketball Coach

You have some great stuff in the Coaches Library. I am going to use some of the the drills tonight at our workout.

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