7 Ways To Create Scoring Opportunities Within Any Offense

Coaches are always looking for ways to create scoring opportunities within their offense. It may be a last second play, an after timeout play, or a concept that can be utilized against a teams defensive tendencies. No matter when or why you need the play here are some ideas to get your coaching juices flowing and a way for your team to put more points on the scoreboard no matter what offense you run.

Screen The Screener

One of the toughest things for a defender to guard in basketball is two simultaneous actions. The amount of energy and communication that is needed often breaks down and this can be a perfect opportunity to get an easy basket on your opponent using a screen the screener action.


Defenders often follow a the opposing teams better offensive player even when they know they shouldn’t. Recognizing this can be a perfect recipe for a successful misdirection play. This type of play often works well with a solid post player or one of your better shooters. The defense is hyper focused on staying with their player and aren’t watching for a screen or drive from another player.

Eliminate The Helpside Defense

One of the great things in any motion offense is the ability to space defenders out and make them guard large areas. One of the drawbacks is there is typically some form of helpside ready to react to a drive or skip pass. As a way to counter the helpside defense try overloading one side to eliminate the helpside defenders and put your players in a position to score 1 on 1.

Occupy Multiple Defenders

This is something many coaches already do. We just need to make sure your players recognize when multiple defenders are coming together so they know their passing options. Once your players recognize what the defense is likely to do they will more easily find the open man and shots will be begin “tickle the twine.”

Pindown Screens

A pindown screen is a great way to get a 3 point screen against man to man and zone defenses. This type of screen can be a play or just a concept you teach your players, either way you’ll find plenty of shot opportunities after the skip pass.

Fill After A Drive

Once a player drives to the hoop what do the other players on the perimeter do? Have them fill in behind the player who just drove the basketball. If the player with the ball gets stopped teach them to jump stop and reverse pivot in order to pass the ball back to the player who just filled their spot on the perimeter. Not only will you get an open shot, you’ll also be teaching players not to just throw up a bad out of panic on the drive.

Drive After A Cut

Anytime a player cuts to the basket there is a driving lane where they cut from. If the player with the ball recognizes this lane right away there will be a perfect chance to get into space without a designated defender to help close the gap or rotate over on the helpside. The window of opportunity isn’t open for long so teach your players to recognize this advantage right away for the chance to shoot a mid-range shot or even better get all the way to the basket.

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