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Defensive Flow: Transition to Half-Court D

Today's topic comes from Coach Green at Adams State University.She is looking to build up her team's transition defense.This is a concept I've presented at coaches clinics. It's also an area I think many

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The Shell Drill – Basketballs #1 Defense Drill

Why Coaches Love The Shell Drill Ask any coach the one drill they can't go without in practice and they all will say the shell drill. The reason for this is because of the versatility of the shell drill.

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Building A Force Baseline Pressure Defense

Defense is the number one thing coaches talk about when they sit in the interview, after they first get hired, and when they start a new season. The second most talked about thing is an uptempo pace on

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3 on 2 Basketball Drill Thinking Outside The Box

Coaches often teach for the first defender to guard the ball and the second defender to guard the first pass. If defended this way who covers the man cutting to the hoop from the back side? Many coaches

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Why You Need To Focus More On Transition Defense

The Why Behind Transition DefenseTeams miss over half of their field goal attempts each game. This makes transition defense after a missed shot an important part of the game and one area I think is under

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