The Big 3 In Basketball Tryouts

Let’s talk tryouts!

I know we are a little bit away from the first day of the season but I recently had a Coaching Lab member ask about basketball tryouts and thought if it’s on his mind it may be on yours, too.

Here is a quick overview of my Big 3 when it comes to tryouts. A more in-depth look into tryouts can be found in the video below.

My Big 3 when it comes to tryouts.

  1. Skill – players must have the skill to play at the level they are trying out for
  2. Athleticism – what players lack in skill can often be made up for in athleticism, having both is like having yoru cake and eating it too
  3. Play – all the drills and athleticism in the world won’t do you any good without being able to incorporate it while playing

What about coachability and being a good teammate?

Why I prefer 3v3 instead of 5v5.

What I never leave out of tryouts.

Hear about these topics and more in today’s video.

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