Last Second Play – Don’t Enter The Game Without 1

All coaches know they will need that one play to put them over the top and in the win column during the last seconds of a game. Don’t be the coach who forgot to practice a last second heroic full court play and hope your players understand what you drew up in your last 30 second timeout.

- Print it.

- Draw it.

- Screen shot it.

Just remember to practice it before it’s too late.

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In this last second full court play you’ll need to sell the short ball first and then go long.

  • players 1, 2, and 3 all line up at half court and start going back to the ball
  • after two to three steps they turn around and run to the far end
  • player 5 starts as the long option and than sprints to the top of the key
  • player 4 throws the ball to player 5
  • depending on the time player 5 can shoot the ball or look to pass to a wing
  • do this play with 10 seconds, 7 seconds, 4 seconds, and 2 seconds so your players get a feel for how much time they have to make a pass, dribble, shot fake, etc. before the buzzer sounds
Last Second Play


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