Should You Be Tracking 6-0 Runs? -

Should You Be Tracking 6-0 Runs?

I attended the Hoop Smart Coaching Clinic this past weekend and Coach Ken George brought up 6-0 runs during games. Apparently one of his assistant coaches has tracked 6-0 runs and claims that a team who can produce four 6-0 runs wins over 90% of the time.

It makes some sense considering that would be 24 unanswered points during a game. It’s unlikely for a team who has allowed so many unanswered points to go on their own series of 6-0 runs, but possible I suppose.

This wasn’t what intrigued me most about tracking the stat though. What this made me think about most was how important the players would find this stat. It isn’t hard to track when your team has scored 2 - 4 - 6 points in a row and when the other team hasn’t. Could my players track 6-0 runs in their heads on the bench? Would this keep players engaged and urging their teammates on the floor to play harder defense or take great shots instead of good ones?

Every coach, and fan for that matter, knows that an engaged bench ads hype to the game. The crowd is involved when the bench is involved. Players on the court play harder and are energized by the towel waiving, slogan chanting bench players. Adding 6-0 runs to my pre and post game practices may be just enough to get the stat loving players something to analyze and cheer about, as well as give the rah rah fist pumping teammates a new reason to shout louder and fist pump harder.

So, what do you think? If 6-0 runs give you a better opportunity to win on the scoreboard because you’re flat out scoring more points and it keeps your bench engaged is it worth keeping the stat?

I may just give it a try and see for myself.

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Coach Matt Dennis is the current boys basketball coach at Otsego H.S. in Otsego, MI. His goal is to create a winning basketball program from top to bottom. He enjoys working with coaches and helping them find more success in less time just as he's done in his coaching career. You can learn more about Coach and his journey by clicking here .